Our procedure:

How does it work?

Register an account
Step no:1

Simply provide your quick info for no hassle registration. Fill out your profile with your “must haves”, select the package, and activate your membership.

Understand the process
Step no:2

As soon as your registration is confirmed, we will send you detailed email with our approach and requesting your availability for consultation call. Our matchmaker will then contact you and will walk your through the process.

Schedule for consultation
Step no: 3

Based on your availability, our matchmaker will schedule a call to review your profile and discuss the special qualities you are seeking.

Make Personal Introduction
Step no:4

Your matchmaker will recommend compatible candidates based on your requirements and facilitate introductions between you.

Review Profiles
Step no:5

Review the profiles recommended by your matchmaker based on your compatibility & values and express your interest to the matchmaker to start the communication process.

Communicate with your matchesStep no:6

Communicate with the candidates and get to know them. Your matchmaker will provide advice and guidance along the way. If things are not going well, then your matchmaker will look for additional candidates.
Our Company Values

Marriage advice

We offer more than your best friend’s doling marriage advice.
We will delve into you deeper – by asking ‘hard’ question to help you understand ‘who you are?’ and what you have to offer in a marriage
What to look for in a marriage

A Little Of Our Story


How to recognize signs that are ‘promising’ of lifelong partnership.
Distinguish between superficial problems vs. real problems.
Recognize red flags and avoid the wrong relationships.